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Another life

Hannah, Kristin2023
Books, Manuscripts
Angie DeSaria has spent years of her life trying to have a child. Now, her marriage has crumbled under the strain. Adrift and alone, she returns to her childhood home, a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, to help try and rescue the beloved, failing family business. Lauren Ribido is a se...
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Kristian, Giles2024
Books, Manuscripts
Years have passed since the clash of shieldwalls echoed across the land. The Saxons are now the lords of Britain. And yet the bards still sing of Arthur - 'In our darkest time, when we need him most, shall he come again'. Yet old Beran has no love of bards' songs. Nor of people, unless they are p...
List view record 3: Babes in the woodList view anchor tag for record 3: Babes in the wood
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Babes in the wood

Rendell, Ruth, 1930-20152003
Books, Manuscripts
The River Brede had burst its banks, and not a single house in the valley had escaped the flooding. In the midst of all this, two teenagers and the woman looking after them have vanished. The investigation would call into question many of Wexford's assumptions about the way people lived.
List view record 4: Bad appleList view anchor tag for record 4: Bad apple
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Bad apple

Hunter, Alice (Novelist)2024
Books, Manuscripts
Becky Lawson's life has been shattered. When she discovered her husband, John - a trusted policeman - was a monster, she reported him. But her faith in the system was crushed when it didn't lead to any charges or consequences. Now, John lives freely with a new girlfriend and her young daughter, w...
List view record 5: Banners of hellList view anchor tag for record 5: Banners of hell
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Banners of hell

Doherty, P. C.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Summer 1312. The brutal murder of King Edward II's favourite, Peter Gaveston, unleashes a horde of demons. Sir Hugh Corbett, Keeper of the Secret Seal, hastens to the Dominican Priory at Blackfriars where Gaveston's corpse awaits burial. But, on arrival, Corbett discovers that a series of macabre...
List view record 6: The bookshop ladiesList view anchor tag for record 6: The bookshop ladies
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The bookshop ladies

Hogan, Faith2024
Books, Manuscripts
Joy Blackwood has no idea why her French art dealer husband has left a valuable painting to a woman called Robyn Tessier in Ballycove, a small town on the west coast of Ireland, but she is determined to find out. She arrives in Ballycove to find that Robyn runs a rather chaotic and unprofitable b...
List view record 7: Breaking the darkList view anchor tag for record 7: Breaking the dark
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Breaking the dark

Jewell, Lisa2024
Books, Manuscripts
Meet Jessica Jones: a private investigator and retired super hero based out of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, who goes from job to job as a hard living, rough talking, loner. And then a wealthy Upper East Side woman pays her a visit. Amber Randall is concerned about her teenage twins, Lark and Fox, w...
List view record 8: The burial plotList view anchor tag for record 8: The burial plot
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The burial plot

Macneal, Elizabeth, 1988-2024
Books, Manuscripts
London, 1839. Where the cemeteries are full and there is money to be made in death, Bonnie and Crawford lead a life of trickery, surviving off ill-gotten coin and nefarious schemes. But one hot evening, their luck runs out. A man lies in a pool of blood at Bonnie's feet and now she needs to disap...
List view record 9: ButcherList view anchor tag for record 9: Butcher
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Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-2024
Books, Manuscripts
From one of our most accomplished storytellers, an extraordinary and arresting novel about a women's asylum in the nineteenth century, and a terrifying doctor who wants to change the world.
[4 copies, 3 reserves]
List view record 10: Camino ghostsList view anchor tag for record 10: Camino ghosts
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Camino ghosts

Grisham, John2024
Books, Manuscripts
A giant resort developer is using its political muscle and deep pockets to claim ownership of a deserted island between Florida and Georgia. Only the last living inhabitant of the island, Lovely Jackson, stands in its way. What the developer doesn't know is that the island has a remarkable histor...
List view record 11: The chamberList view anchor tag for record 11: The chamber
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The chamber

Dean, Will (Novelist)2024
Books, Manuscripts
On a boat heading out into the North Sea, Ellen Brooke steels herself to spend almost a month locked inside a hyperbaric chamber with five other divers. They are all being paid handsomely for this work - to be lowered each day inside a diving bell to the sea bed, taking it in turns to dive down a...
[4 copies, 3 reserves]
List view record 12: The Charlemagne pursuitList view anchor tag for record 12: The Charlemagne pursuit
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The Charlemagne pursuit

Berry, Steve, 1955-2009
Books, Manuscripts
Ex-agent Cotton Malone wants to know what really happened to his father, officially lost at sea when his submarine went down in the north Atlantic in 1971. But when he uses his government contacts to obtain the submarine's sealed file, he finds he is not the only person looking for answers.
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Burke, James Lee, 1936-2024
Books, Manuscripts
Clete Purcel - private investigator, ex-member of the New Orleans Police Department, and war veteran with a hard shell and just a few soft spots - is Dave Robicheaux's longtime friend and partner in detective work. But he has a troubled past. When Clete leaves his car at the local car wash, only ...
[6 copies, 5 reserves]
List view record 14: Clive Cussler's The heistList view anchor tag for record 14: Clive Cussler's The heist
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Clive Cussler's The heist

Du Brul, Jack B.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Charismatic, handsome, and fiercely loyal, Isaac Bell is a no-nonsense private detective at the Van Dorn Detective Agency. Travelling all over early 20th century America in pursuit of justice for his clients, chasing down a steam train in a sports automobile is all in a day's work for Bell. And w...
List view record 15: Clive Cussler's The serpent's eyeList view anchor tag for record 15: Clive Cussler's The serpent's eye
List view record 16: The conditions of unconditional loveList view anchor tag for record 16: The conditions of unconditional love
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The conditions of unconditional love

McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-2024
Books, Manuscripts
Isabel Dalhousie, everyone's favourite moral philosopher, is once again called on to help navigate a decidedly delicate dispute with all of the insight and compassion she has become known for. What makes Isabel's investigations so unique is her uncanny ability to view all sides of a situation wit...
List view record 17: The cracked mirrorList view anchor tag for record 17: The cracked mirror
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The cracked mirror

Brookmyre, Christopher, 1968-2024
Books, Manuscripts
You know Penny Coyne. The little old lady who has solved multiple murders in her otherwise sleepy village, despite bumbling local police. A razor-sharp mind in a twinset and tweed. You know Johnny Hawke. Hard-bitten LAPD homicide detective. Always in trouble with his captain, always losing partne...
List view record 18: The cuckooList view anchor tag for record 18: The cuckoo
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The cuckoo

Läckberg, Camilla, 1974-2024
Books, Manuscripts
As a heavy mist rolls into the Swedish coastal town of Fjallbacka, shocking violence shakes the small community to its core. Rolf Stenklo, a famous photographer, is found murdered in his gallery. Two days later, a brutal tragedy on a private island leaves the prestigious Bauer family devastated. ...
[6 copies, 3 reserves]
List view record 19: The darkest nightList view anchor tag for record 19: The darkest night
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The darkest night

Nadel, Barbara2024
Books, Manuscripts
When a newborn baby is found drowned in the shallow waters of the Golden Horn, all-out warfare threatens to erupt between rival criminal gangs. Inspector Kerim Gürsel is assigned to the case and he must tread carefully when DNA tests reveal that the baby's father is Görkan Pasahan, Istanbul's m...
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Grace, Hannah2024
Books, Manuscripts
As a chronic procrastinator, Henry Turner always knew his junior year in college wasn't going to be easy. That was before he made ice hockey captain as well as landing himself in a difficult class with his least favourite professor. Thankfully, it's then that Henry meets Halle, a fellow junior wh...
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List view record 21: Dead groundList view anchor tag for record 21: Dead ground
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Dead ground

Hurley, Graham, 1946-2024
Books, Manuscripts
1936. Anglo-Breton translator Annie Wrenne is working in Madrid when the Spanish Civil War breaks out. Annie becomes a nurse on the front line, but after falling in love with a patient, she ends up pregnant - and abandoned - by a man she thought she knew. Annie passes the rest of the war in a haz...
List view record 22: The death watcherList view anchor tag for record 22: The death watcher
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The death watcher

Carter, Chris, 1965-2024
Books, Manuscripts
When a routine autopsy on what looked like a straightforward hit-and-run leads the LA Chief Medical Examiner, Dr Carolyn Hove, to discover some puzzling inconsistencies, she calls in Detective Robert Hunter of the LAPD Ultra Violent Crimes Unit. Not only did Dr Hove discover that the death wasn't...
List view record 23: Don't let the devil rideList view anchor tag for record 23: Don't let the devil ride
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Don't let the devil ride

Atkins, Ace2024
Books, Manuscripts
Addison McKellar isn't clueless - she knows she and her husband Dean don't have the perfect marriage - but she's still shocked when he completely vanishes from her life. At first Addison is annoyed, but as days stretch into a week and she's repeatedly stonewalled by Dean's friends and associates,...
List view record 24: EruptionList view anchor tag for record 24: Eruption
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Crichton, Michael, 1942-20082024
Books, Manuscripts
A history-making volcanic eruption is about to destroy the big island of Hawaii. But a secret held for decades by the military is more terrifying than the volcano.
[6 copies, 20 reserves]
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Calvey, Linda2024
Books, Manuscripts
Wakefield, 1964. Life is hardly rosy for Annie Wills - an unhappy upbringing and then married too young with husband Gary soon proving a lazy coward unable to hold down a job, his fists always ready to vent his anger on the world. The one shining star in Annie's life is her perfect little girl, M...
[4 copies, 1 reserve]
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